About Us

Basement Woodworks Inc was founded in 2004 and is owned and operated by AWC (NAC/AW) USN Retired, Sean L. Arnold and son Alex Arnold.

I started building Military Shadow Boxes and Plaques while I was still on active duty for friends and the Chief’s Mess. As I approached retirement, I often asked myself what I was going to do with my life after the Navy? How can I remain in touch with those whom I had served with. The answer was clear. Having three children at home with special needs, I decided to be a “Stay at home Dad” and work out of my home building Shadow Boxes. Soon after retirement my father, Harry Arnold, decided to join me with my venture. As my children got older and less dependent on me, the local trophy store, Accolades Awards & Trophy, went up for sale. I decided at the time to purchase it and expand my business becoming a full service trophy and awards shop in the heart of Brunswick Maine’s downtown district.

Recently we acquired property in Cooks Corner at 52 Farley Rd and now have a 3400 Sq Ft. retail and manufacturing facility and we have a new addition to our staff as my youngest son Alex, has decided to learn the family business and allow Harry Arnold to retire 🙂

We have a full service wood shop coupled with a trophy and engraving shop and show room.  We offer 3D Carvings,  laser engraving, Diamond Drag Engraving, Sand Carving, and Dye Sublimation. We have also begun to expand into quick turn around embroidery.

Give Your Honors Full Attention with Personalized Military Shadow Boxes

Military awards are earned, not given, and that’s why you should provide your awards with authentic display frames created especially for them. At Basement Woodworks we custom craft display cases for all of your military award needs. Each case and award box boasts solid wood construction and is assembled by hand.

Flag Display Case

There are few better ways to give honor to the country in which we serve than to prominently display the flag in a flag display case. Whether you are giving homage to a fallen solider or simply showing pride in your service, a flag display case will present the beauty and protect the quality of your flag for years to come.

Military Personalized Shadow Boxes

Military personalized shadow boxes provide a three-dimensional view of your military awards. Constructed in solid wood, these cases are multi-functional providing space for your awards, medals, plaques and more. We even provide custom carvings for any military branch. Check out examples of our Military Shadow Boxes to see the quality and attention to detail you are guaranteed to receive with your order.