“Lone Survivor”

For those of you who have not seen the movie “Lone Survivor”  it is a Must See Movie. It is a movie about the men who were killed, and the one who survived “Operation Red Wing”. As I watched the movie, I had chills run up my spine for the second time about this operation. The first time was a little over a year ago when I was approached by the the crew of the USS Michael Murphy to build a shadow cabinet to house LT Murphy’s personal belongings. This case was to be affixed to the ship that is now his namesake.  The crew brought in a cardboard box containing LT Murphy’s web gear, K-Bar, Canteen, Helmet, Boots and some other odds and ends. My hands trembled as I opened it and my only though was of the man who once wore these items and what he must have gone through. I was honored that I was chosen to build this case. Once I had completed the case and dressed it with his belongings, I turned on the lights and sat back a looked at what I had done. I was awestruck, and very proud of what I had done. Then a chill went up my spine, as if he were there in the room with me. I can only hope he had liked what I had done for him and the ship that bares his name. Here are pictures of the case that I took that day. Rest in Peace LT Murphy. Rest in Peace.Custom Shadow Cabinet

Case For LT Murphy Built By Basement Woodworks Inc.
Case For LT Murphy Built By Basement     Woodworks Inc.

Custom Shadow Cabinet

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